Mission & Values

mission and values

Our Mission

Exceed Expectations

Galmere is passionate about food and that begins by working with growers and producers to source best available ingredients.

Our team strives to exceed expectations by innovating for our clients, crafting the finest, safest food. Galmere anticipates and researches the market, to both set and stay ahead of trends.

Create Equal Opportunities

We are an inclusive organisation, seeking to provide rewarding careers and equal opportunities.

Protect The Environment
Every avenue is explored to protect our environment. We are an accredited member of Bord Bia’s Origin Green. Our investment programme in 2018–2019 reduced energy usage by 14.5%.

Wherever possible we use recyclable plastic and cardboard packaging. Food waste has been reduced by 31% from 2018 to 2019.

Our Values

Galmere is committed to being a transparent, listening and
agile organisation.


Source Local

Knowledge of all our suppliers is top of our agenda, so we prioritise Ireland when sourcing all ingredients. Annually we use around 520 tonnes of Irish potatoes and nearly 500 tonnes of Irish carrots.


Be Solution Orientated

We work closely with international market leaders in food machinery manufacturing, often developing innovative solutions to solve problems with them as part of our industry partnerships.

Fresh is Best

We source and prepare all our fresh ingredients inhouse. For example by peeling and preparing potatoes on site we not only lock in the nutrients, but avoid adding any preservatives like SO2 which is commonly used in the food industry.


Good Food's Safe Food

Galmere believes great food starts with safe food, so we continue to partner with food safety technical leaders, who work with our Quality Team to ensure we are at the sector’s cutting edge.


Be Research Driven

Our research takes on three main aspects; trends, production techniques and safety. We research global food trends, talking to chefs, and examine and analyse research and sales from other countries, as well as throughout Ireland.


Stay Innovative

To support our “fresh is best” values, and ensure we use the minimum amount of additives and preservatives possible; we use innovative methods and natural techniques to preserve freshness. These include high pressure processing and hot fill, rapid cool.

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