Galmere Celebrates First Basil Harvest

Galmere Foods owned brand Pestle + Mortar is now made using fresh Irish Basil.

Galmere Foods are now the proud owners of a vertical, digital basil farm on our premises in Galway.  All of the basil harvested will be used for Galmere owned Pestle + Mortar Mutli Award Winning Green Basil Pesto. The basil due to the growing process and care needs no pesticides, and has an incredibly low carbon footprint due to it being grown on location.

With all of this considered, we think this must make Pestle + Mortar the freshest pesto in Ireland.  This process has contributed towards our sustainability values, and we know from our trials that this will make our much loved pesto taste profile even more outstanding with the super vibrant colour and flavour of fresh, Irish-grown basil!

Visit Pestle + Mortar’s website by clicking here.

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