Galmere Covid-19

From the initial outbreak at the beginning of 2020, our primary concern has been to protect our team and the wider community.

We planned and modified procedures in response to the potential threat of a pandemic and the best possible infection control advice.

From 23 March 2020 Onwards:

  • Galmere sourced surgical face masks, upgraded to N95 masks from July, to be worn by all members of the production team.  Obviously as a high care, BRC AA accredited food production facility, existing hygiene and PPE protocols are extensive and rigorously implemented.
  • All team members not required to be in the facility have been working from home.
  • Production schedules and procedures were reorganised to separate teams within the business, minimising social contact.
  • Galmere has a continuous communication process, advising and reminding team members of the importance of social distancing, hand washing, appropriate use of hand sanitiser and PPE.
  • Additional cleaning was implemented throughout the facility during and between production shifts.
  • Anyone returning from any overseas travel must quarantine for two weeks before returning to work.
  • Only essential visitors to our facility are permitted and only by prior appointment.  On arrival they must complete a health questionnaire and are obliged to follow the full PPE policy and have a temperature check.
  • From February 2021, visitors undertake a PCR Covid-19 test on arrival and wait just over an hour for their result, before commencing their visit.
  • All team members also take a temperature check daily on arrival.
  • In early April, we fitted Perspex screens in any area where 2m social distancing may be challenging.
  • Start and finish times, together with breaks, have been changed to minimise contact between team members.
  • Team members are obliged to inform line managers of any Covid 19 symptoms.  If any need to isolate awaiting results of a test whether through symptoms or close contact, or indeed if they are symptomatic and do have Covid, full sick pay is provided.

From February 2021, we have introduced regular inhouse, site wide PCR Covid-19 testing.  Galmere purchased equipment and trained team members to deliver the testing efficiently and effectively.  All visitors to site must be tested and as this is inhouse, there is a turnaround time of not much over an hour.  The safety of our team and our wider communities are our first priority.

Our overall policy and plans in the event of an outbreak have been reviewed and evolved in line with the science and developing expert advice.

In the event of an outbreak, Galmere will immediately inform the HSE and implement testing of every employee while initiating our pre-planned full facility deep clean.  We will always seek the advice and recommendations of the relevant experts and State agencies.


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