A Brand Evolution

In this strangest of years, we have all had an unwanted opportunity to take a pause, a stop, a reflection. While in the business of making food there was less in the way of a pause than other sectors, we decided it was an opportunity to take stock (pun intended) and review who we are, what we stand for and what that represents for our future as an ambitious Irish food company.

We started with a new website, working with talented Sarah-Emma Hughes of We Are Sibyl who asked us the searching questions; which made us realise that all the values we stand for we had taken so much for granted, that we weren’t communicating them.

Fresh ingredients carefully sourced, prepped on our premises just before cooking to keep nutrients and eliminate additives, good food starting with safe food, dynamic and agile product development and creating. How important our heritage is to us, nestled as we are in the most beautiful and luscious West of Ireland.

Galmere has been producing fine food since 1989 and is committed to working with thought leaders and industry experts to create award winning products.


Our products are created for our clients to fit the evolving taste trends of consumers. If you are interested in Galmere and what we offer, and would like to discuss creating award winning products, please contact sales@galmere.ie.

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Galway, home to Galmere
Fine, Irish Food

During our web development, Andrew came across some great footage of the Wild Atlantic Way made by Bang Bang Video. So we commissioned a short video to be made featuring Galway, the sea, the rich pastures.

The G in our original logo had happened by chance, Chef Thomas had delivered a rather elegant swirl of cream on our nourishing chicken and vegetable soup during a photo shoot.

It landed in the shape of a G and as we were in the process of refining our logo at the time, it seemed a sign. Now, when refining our website seven years on, we realised we needed to evolve our brand identity to reflect who we are, our heritage.

Reviewing the video, several of us were struck by the intensity of the greens and teal shades from land and sea, with the iconic red sails of the traditional fishing boat the Galway Hooker. We wanted to keep the G and to use those colours as a calling card to our heritage. In our evolved logo, the teal represents the land and sea, the red of the sail is our strength and agility. Our ability to navigate at times difficult waters, while always finding a new course on our journey.

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